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Magazine B (Ű B ) Ű
:   ()̿ġ
ڵ [ISSN] :   nois-0115
౹/ :   ѱ /
:   濵, /, ̼/,
Ƚ :   (10ȸ)
:   Ϳ ex)5ȣ 6
(12) :  166,000 149,400 (10%)
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ⱸ ֹ 11ȣ(61ȣ) ߼۵˴ϴ.
ȣ ŰB Reference shop Ͻñ ٶϴ.

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1,2/ 7,8ȣ պȣԴϴ.  


* ּҰ <> ּҸ ˷ּ.

ּ ̰ ߼ δԴϴ.

( 02-6412-0125~8) 

About the Issue

Monocle is a London-based monthly publication featuring political, social, cultural and global issues through in-depth reporting by its correspondents around the world. Launched in 2007 by Tyler Brûlé, Monocle has also offered a series of books, newspapers and a radio channel that runs 24 hours a day. Monocle also operates shops and cafés to reach out to more readers. Its advertorial contents, created in collaboration with many brands, have provided a successful and steady source of revenue for the comprehensive media company.

  Magazine B (Ű B ) Ű


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  ⱸ: 149,400, : 166,000 (10% )



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  Magazine B (Ű B ) Ű


  Ϳ ex)5ȣ 6


  翡 ( ù )



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  ļ ±ȯ, н ۻ ؼ ߼ ó




  Ұ ( ؿܹ 񽺰 ʽϴ.)


  ͷ ٶϴ. ( 02-6412-0125 / nice@nicebook.kr)


  1/2ȣ, 7/8ȣ պԴϴ(10ȸ)


Table of contents
02 Intro
09 Publishers Letter
12 Future of Print
Print mass media and the future of the publication industry
14 Opinion
Andrew Tuck, Editor at Monocle
18 On Paper
The business strategy of one multimedia companyviewedthrough Monocles lineup of printed materials
30 Midori House
A tour of the Monocle headquarters in London
34 On Air
Monocle 24, media for the ears
38 Global Contributors
The correspondents and contributors who create Monocles global perspective
52 Monocle Shop
Monocles first off -line retail shop
54 Opinion
Anders Braso, Publisher at Monocle
58 Advertorial Partners
The ideal partnership between media and advertisers,
as seen through Monocles advertorials
64 Collaboration
The collaboration between Monocle and small luxury brands
70 Premium Venue
A retail venture that shows off the brand image of Monocle
74 Monocle Cafe
A space where Monocle comes to life
76 Opinion
Steven Watson, Founder and Director of Stack, a magazine subscription service
80 Citizens
Monocles readers around the globe
92 Niche Magazines
Magazines from various cities targeting niche markets
98 Brand Story
A glimpse of the printing process for the October 2017 issue in the Cornwall, England print shop
106 Structure
The birth of Monocle and its growth as a media brand
112 Cover Story
The trajectory of Monocle through 10 years of cover design
116 The Scoop
The interviewees from diverse professions featured in Monocle
120 Wallpaper to Monocle
The first chapter of Tyler Brûlé: How Wallpaper begat Monocle
122 Quality of Life Conference
Monocles signature off -line event
126 Interview
Tyler Brûlé, Editor-in-Chief and Chairman of Monocle
130 Figures
Monocle and the magazine market in numbers
133 References
135 Outro


About the Issue


Founded in 1932, Portland-based Danner started out by crafting boots for loggers.

Based on the strong quality of work boots that the company has become known for, Danner has expanded its product range to outdoor and fashion and has remain dedicated to the ethos of craftsmanship that has underpinned the brand for 85 years.

About the Issue


Located in Oregon in the Pacific Northwest region on the West coast of United States, Portland is a city surrounded by nature. It not only serves as the headquarters of large outdoor sports brands such as Nike and Columbia Sportswear but is also home to Kinfolk, a wunderkind of magazine culture, and Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a leading force in the specialty coffee scene. Although Portland is not known for its architectural wonders or trendy shopping districts like New York or London, the city is bubbling with creativity, with products and artwork made with traditional techniques and local materials as well as alternative forms of businesses that were born of passion.

About the Issue


Founded by Gen Terao as a one-man-company, Balmuda changed its name to Balmuda Co., Ltd. in April 2011 after the success of its premium electric fan GreenFan and has since introduced home appliances with unique features and restrained aesthetics. Balmuda products go beyond merely serving as simple tools. They serve as a medium to reproduce and convey pleasant experiences and improve users quality of life.


Ű ڳ Economy

Magazine B, Ű B, Ű(ѱ)



ڳ λƮ Economy Insight


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